like a bird on a wire, like a drunk in a midnight choir, i have tried in my way to be free.

molly’s frida fiesta 30 September 12

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After learning about Frida Kahlo at Battle Academy last year, Molly has counted the days until her birthday, so we could have a Frida Fiesta for her party. Well, today, the wait was over.

For invitations, we of course turned to the lovely & talented Stacie Jackson. Here’s what she came up with…


I know, right?

So today we met up with a group of good time rounders down at the St. Elmo Playground.

ImageThe weather was perfect. And so were the unibrows…







I think the highlight of the party was the pinata craziness. Jerad takes his life in his hands every year when he leads the pinata free for all.




Love it.

We had a fantastic time. Mad love to all the friends & family who came out to celebrate with us. I’ll let you know what B comes up with for next year. ; )


photobooth > photobomb 1 September 12

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This year, I am having my classes connect with edmodo, a really cool education network. I can give assignments, send & receive messages to students, post grades, etc. Anyhoo, the display is very facebook-like & you have a profile picture on your page. My students rejected the picture on my page. Comments ranged from, “Why do you look like you’re about to cry?” to “Is that your real hair in that picture?” I went into a “LOL! I know, right? That pic was totes a joke!” mode & quickly changed my profile pic to  a still of LSP (Lumpy Space Princess) from “Adventure Time.”

I wanted to try again to get a photo of myself onto edmodo because I fear it may be a tad unprofesh to have a little purple glob as my avatar. Sadly, my family has taken the concept of photobomb beyond the beyond! (We’ve done the same thing with trust falls, but that’s another story.)

What follows shows why I can’t have nothing nice…


overheard in the brewer house… 26 October 11

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molly in the tub…”up in the club & i’m sipping’ that bub & you’re not gonna reach my barbie phone” (while talking on her barbie phone)
does this fall under “unfit parenting”?


making dr. king proud 25 March 11

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yesterday we took part in another “staycation” tradition: riding the incline. we did this before over fall break, and b has planned to go back ever since. she isn’t really in it for the actual ride up & down the mountain–it’s all about the gift shop at the top & their marvelous “pucker powder.” on our last trip, she got the medium size of the fill-your-own pixie stick, and buyer’s remorse set in almost immediately. she has grieved over not going for the extra large version for almost six months. she finally made it back & was able to come home with a 24-inch plastic straw full of various & sundry flavors & colors of sugar. good times.
when we were waiting to board the incline for the ride up, we made a stop by the restroom. there we saw a mother helping her son (about molly’s age) get washed up & ready for the ride. when molly & i left the restroom, molly says, “martin luther king would be so proud.” i wasn’t sure i’d heard her correctly, so i asked for a repeat. “this is exactly what martin luther king was talking about.” me: “huh?” molly: “you know, blacks, whites, boys, girls…all using the same bathroom.”


sing…sing a song… 21 February 11

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At tonight’s fabulous singing class Gigi & I are taking at the folk school, we had a homework project: bring in a list of songs that are our favorites to sing. So here’s what I’ve come up with…

“Fine Sally”
“Little Mathey Groves”
“I Never Will Marry”
“Come All Ye Fair & Tender Ladies”
“Wind & Rain”
“Adieu False Heart”

Gillian Welch
“Caleb Myer”
“Red Clay Halo”
“By the Mark”
“My Morphine”
“Winter’s Come & Gone”

The Crooked Jades
“Put My Little Shoes Away”
“Dream of a Miner’s Child”

Hazel & Alice
“A Few More Years Shall Roll”
“Mining Camp Blues”
“Two Soldiers” (“Blue Eyed Boston Boy”)
“Hello Stranger”

Bob Dylan
“Boots of Spanish Leather”

Nanci Griffith
“Going Back to Georgia”
“Listen to the Radio”

John Prine
“Speed of the Sound of Loneliness”
“We’re Not the Jet Set”

Gram Parsons
“Grievous Angel”
“Hickory Wind”

The Carter Family
“Far Side Banks of Jordan”
“The Lover’s Return”
“Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone”
“Are You Tired of Me My Darling”
“Bury Me Beneath the Willow”
“Gold Watch & Chain”
“Little Rosewood Casket”
“Single Girl”

The Grateful Dead
“Friend of the Devil”

Old Crow Medicine Show
“Wagon Wheel”
“CC Rider”

Hank Williams
“Long Gone Lonesome Blues”
“Cold, Cold Heart”
“Lovesick Blues”
“Alone & Forsaken”

The Judds
“Why Not Me”

The Louvin Brothers
“My Baby’s Gone”

Jean Ritchie
“My Dear Companion”

Guy Clark
“Desperado Waiting For a Train”

Tom Waits
“I Hope That I don’t Fall in Love With You”

Traditional, Church Songs, etc.
“Bright Morning Star”
“Down in The Willow Garden”
“Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand”
“Angel Band”
“Farther Along”
“Hard Times Come Again No More”
“Take This Hammer”
“This World Is Not My Home”
“Unclouded Day”
“Wayfaring Stranger”
“Where the Soul of Man Never Dies”
“Will the Circle Be Unbroken”
“You Are My Flower”
“Shady Grove”
“Say Darlin’ Say”
“I’ll Fly Away”
“Rank Stranger”
“I Am Weary, Give Me Rest”
“On Jordan’s Stormy Banks”

am I forgetting anything?


know how you know i’m a dork? 19 October 10

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fall break is here, and i have decided to spend my days off cooking & planning meals for the next month. today, i have roasted 6 pounds of chicken, an 8 pound smoked ham, browned 5 pounds of ground beef, and am slow cooking a pound of black beans–all going in the freezer for weeknight dinners when school starts back up. since i have gotten the fridge of my dreams (black with the freezer on the bottom), i am trying to realize my vision of stacks & stacks of frozen dinners just sitting there smugly in the drawer, waiting to be thawed, heated, & eaten. what will i do with my extra weeknight time? maybe get my chubby self in shape, but, more likely, hang out with b-dog & j.
thank goodness i’m scheduled for a happy hour with the monster this afternoon, i’m dangerously domestic today!


look who’s getting her blog back on… 31 May 10

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molly b hit the road for mid-tenn yesterday, and j & i are coming to terms with just how boring we really are. the kid hasn’t been gone 24 hours & he’s cleaning the kitchen with a white-hot fury, and i’ve taken to blogging again after a year-long (plus) hiatus.

since i think about food more than anything…i’ll begin my back to the blog post with this week’s menu:
sunday: fettucine alfredo with broccoli & walnuts/salad/bagette (the chattanooga market had just-picked-yesterday-morning broccoli and the divine salad greens that only lee & gordon greens can provide.
monday: baked greek fish/roasted beets & sauteed beet greens with feta & lemon/couscous
tuesday: tofu stir fry with squash & bok choy (both from signal mountain farms)
wednesday:chicken enchiladas/salad/chips & quacamole
thursday: leftovers (i’m sure there’ll be lots since it’s just the 2 of us this week)
friday: you know how we do…mr. t’s pizza & beer…or. since nightfall has started (yay!), we may roll down there.

j-wow just called me to the table for lunch, so that’s it for now.


a lovely little video about the joys of rodent union… 2 April 10

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my little fry cook 12 January 09

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okay, i know that it’s been a year since i started this blog & i haven’t really documented things this year like i intended to, but i’m fixing to do better.
here’s a start…
molly got a fabulous cook book from santa. it’s the dk children’s quick & easy cook book. j & i love the dk cook books ’cause they have lots of pictures. b decided to try out the chicken nuggets & funky fries as her maiden voyage with the book. she & dada really turned it out.


here’s the finished product. it was so good. the fries were exceptional.



random molly quote 12 December 08

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as we were coming home from molly’s school the other day, we were talking about our dogs (dan, marge, and grady). molly told me, “grady looks like a fine dining waiter. he seems like he’d have a rose in his jacket.”
and, you know, she’s right.